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The History of American Famous Street Food

A food icon that needs no introduction can be seen on the busy streets of America: the hot dog! You are certain to come across this famous street food whether you are walking through a city park or

The Large-Portioned And Worldly American Cuisines Yesterday And Today

Are you thinking of hamburgers and fried chicken when talking about American cuisine? Well, the world of American cuisine is broader than those two fast foods. Yet, people from all over the world re

American Sweet Corn Festival

This is the annual festival that Americans in the Midwest have been waiting for. The name “Sweet Corn Festival”! Well, as the name implies, this festival is an annual celebration of the sweet c

Native American Cuisine, Know the History

Basically, the people of the United States do not have a culinary type that they can call authentic culinary from their country. Some of the foods we know as Native American food aren't actually na

Take a Peek at the American Style “Brunch” Trend

The term “brunch” (breakfast and lunch) isn't just an American tradition, it's more than just a fad. Brunch is usually eaten between morning and noon. In fact, the term brunch originated in Engl

American Culinary Recipe for Kung Pao Chicken Pasta

We know various types of fast food which is American cuisine. Burgers, fries and fried chicken are the main menu items. However, these typical American restaurants serve food that is local food in