The Large-Portioned And Worldly American Cuisines Yesterday And Today

Gambar The Large-Portioned And Worldly American Cuisines Yesterday And Today

Are you thinking of hamburgers and fried chicken when talking about American cuisine? Well, the world of American cuisine is broader than those two fast foods. Yet, people from all over the world recognize one characteristic that all American dishes possess: Being large-portioned.


Almost all of the American dishes are either served on a large-sized plate or great for sharing with friends. So, in this article, I will guide you in the history of large-sized bites that become an integral characteristic of the American culinary world.


The History Behind The Enormously-Sized Portions Of American Dishes

Most people attribute American dishes’ gigantic portions to the year 1970. Indeed, that year marks an era when the US government subsidizes farmers. We also see many restaurants and fast-food chains starting to develop in the same year.


Being on the go and focused on the jobs are two traits people often associate with American culture. Having such two characteristics, no wonder American people don’t have time to cook and prepare dishes at home. Also, we tend to see many people in US-based cafes and restaurants eating while turning on their laptops and typing something.


Even though the 1970s era has a strong correlation to the gigantic-portioned American meals, we can trace the history even further back to the World War II era. At that time, American restaurants couldn’t compete with their French counterparts in terms of the meals’ flavor profiles.


So, the Americans in WWII invented a way to rival their French competitors, and that way was through enlarging the portion. Double cheeseburgers and foot-long hot dogs have been two of the most popular dishes since then.


Iced Tea, A Universal Beverage Originally From The US

When we think about iced teas, I guess most of us would think of a sweetened tea served in a tall glass with many ice blocks. Sometimes, we can eliminate the sweetness by requesting our drink to have no sugar. In most of today’s cafes and restaurants, iced teas often have more economical prices than other beverages.


When we look more closely at the history, we will find out that Saint Louis, Missouri, is the state that invented iced teas for the first time. The universal (and worldly) beverage made its debut appearance at the 1904 World Fair. A tea plantation owner named Richard Blechynden was the name behind the first iced tea in the US.


As a business owner who worked in a tea plantation site, Richard Blechynden got used to serving tea hot. At the same time, he also realized that the US people, particularly people living in the Saint Louis area at that time, were reluctant to drink steamy-hot beverages. So, he thought, “What about presenting cold teas instead of hot teas?”


That time until some later years, iced teas were sweet. The ice blocks were also fewer due to the premium feel that ice blocks gave in those eras. Today, we can see many variations of iced teas with different toppings, such as fresh fruits (lemons and strawberries are the most common toppings), jellies, or boba.


In rarer cases, iced teas can also refer to the alcoholic version. In this alternate version, vodkas, gins, and other alcoholic drinks become the additional iced tea ingredients. The results are that the iced tea’s sweetness remains, with additional booze effects from the alcohol.


American Cuisine’s Presence in Today’s World

Big and fast: These two characteristics are the characteristics that people these days associate with American meals. Big means the meal sizes are larger than the normal portions (and, most obviously, larger than the simplistic and minimalistic Japanese meals), and fast means the serving time tends to be around 5-15 minutes or less per one food or beverage.


Such characteristics are well-known in cafes and restaurants all over the world. In some countries, we often see these American meals in modern shopping malls. Even though American meals have influences from other countries thanks to the migration effects, these foods are “American”, as long as they have “big-and-fast” characteristics.


Take croissants, for example. Croissants are originally French when we look at the arts in “painting” the pastry motives and fillings. Yet, these dishes can be American when they are triple-sized compared to the original French-made croissants, and when heating foods is the only process that the restaurant waiters and waitresses should prepare before they serve them to customers.


The same also happens for other types of American cuisines, including authentic American cuisines like chicken wings, fried chicken, and onion rings. These fried American snacks tend to have large-sized and rectangular-shaped packaging from cartons without lids on top of the packaging. The goal of such packaging is to let customers eat their takeaway foods while standing up or walking fast around the shopping malls, restaurants, or cafes.


While we can also order takeaway options for meals from other countries than the US, there’s no doubt that the US is a pioneer of such options. Furthermore, we also know the drive-thru options: The options that let car passengers pick up their orders as they drive. Again, the US is the country that invents such systems.


Many Variations Of American Cuisines That The World Has Recognized

Previously, I’ve guided you to several well-known typical American fast-food meals, such as fried chicken, chicken wings, onion rings, and others. These dishes are either deep-fried or served as appetizers or side dishes. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that the American culinary world lacks mouthwatering desserts.


Angel and devil food cakes are two of the most famous US original cakes. Angel food cakes are the low-fat versions of the devil food cakes due to their less overpowering flavor profiles when we compare them to the all-chocolate-made devil food cakes. Yet, as most people in the US have realized the value of staying healthy, we can also see healthier options of devil food cakes, including in terms of flour substitutions.


Thanksgiving is one of the most crucial public holidays in the US. Hence, we also see other variations of American cuisine for Thanksgiving, including pies with sweet potato, pecans, or pumpkins as the flavors.

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