Take a Peek at the American Style “Brunch” Trend

Gambar Take a Peek at the American Style “Brunch” Trend

The term “brunch” (breakfast and lunch) isn't just an American tradition, it's more than just a fad. Brunch is usually eaten between morning and noon. In fact, the term brunch originated in England, but Americans adopted the term as a tradition. Many restaurants in America serve a special brunch menu on Sunday mornings.

So, for those of you who are going to travel to America, for college, or for work, you must try the brunch menu. So, what are the typical brunch menus that are popular in America? Where is the best brunch place you can visit? Read on!

The Most Typical Brunch Menu in America

What are the typical American brunch menus? Basically, the brunch special menu consists of a mix of breakfast and lunch foods that work well together. In addition, some restaurants will provide fresh drinks (juices, smoothies, coffee, etc.) or cocktails (mimosa, Bloody Mary, etc.) which are suitable to accompany brunch.

Sample brunch menu:

● Pancakes

● Omelette

● Bacon

● Eggs Benedict

● Waffles

● Hash browns

● Toast/toast (French toast, etc.)

● Cereals

● Casseroles

● Cinnamon rolls

● Crepes

● Bagels

● Fruits

● Donuts, etc.

America's Best Brunch Cities

A nutritious half-morning and half-afternoon meal menu can be the best alternative. About 61% of Americans enjoy going out for brunch with loved ones. However, the brunch menu is not the same in every city. Some serve traditional American style brunch, menus from Mexico, seafood menus, and various typical brunch menus that are modified with a modern twist. Here's a list of cities in America that offer the best brunch menus:

● Highest number

New Orleans is America's best city for brunch. There are approximately 20 restaurants in this city.

● Best prices

San Francisco and Indianapolis have the best brunch prices. Plus, there's Cincinnati, Cleveland, Houston, Memphis and Tennessee.

● Cities with the highest brunch interest

Seattle and Milwaukee are the most passionate brunch cities. Its residents have the highest average when it comes to Google searches for different brunch foods and drinks.

● Other cities

Chicago, San Diego, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, Connecticut, and Baltimore.

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So, the conclusion is that the typical American brunch menu consists of various dishes. Besides bacon, eggs, pancakes, or French toast with syrup, there's also something else to eat. This is often accompanied by coffee and fresh juices, and even other cocktails.

So, if you have the opportunity to go to America, you must try brunch with friends there. There are brunch menus in various major cities in America. So, you will definitely find a menu that you like because there will be a wide variety of dishes. Certainly, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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