Native American Cuisine, Know the History

Gambar Native American Cuisine, Know the History

Basically, the people of the United States do not have a culinary type that they can call authentic culinary from their country. Some of the foods we know as Native American food aren't actually native. In fact, these delicacies were introduced by immigrants from their countries of origin and assimilated to such an extent that today many people see them as distinctly American.

Native Americans are the 'Red Indians' or tribe of Indians who grow corn, squash, and beans. It is interesting to note that these three types of ingredients are always present in every typical American food, whether in the form of cornbread, tortillas, and so on. All of these types of food are very common in American restaurants, but with various added ingredients and flavors.

The presence of African immigrants makes the next generation Afro-American. It was they who introduced the famous classic barbecue. Smoked meats are a specialty of African immigrants for serving dinner or party dishes.


Pre Civil War to Typical European and Southeast Asian Foods

In the days before the American Civil War between the North or Union and the South or Confederacy, plantation owners who liked to party used cooks and slaves to present various dishes. The plantation owners in the South have a lifestyle of eating with various recipes rich in side dishes, spices and variations of bread and biscuits. Typical dishes are pork, smoked ham with gravy biscuits, and fried chicken which has been popularized by Kentucky Fried Chicken which is still worldwide.

The presence of French immigrants also left an imprint on American cuisine. This can be seen in Cajun and Creole cuisine which reflects the French people's fondness for butter, oil and flour. It is the combination of the three that gives the dish a 'roux' taste which is very distinctly French in taste. Creole has a luxurious taste, while Cajun has a strong taste for long-cooked food. A concrete example is the shrimp etoufe and gumbo.

Mexican immigrants also contributed to influencing American cuisine with guacamole, chili, tamales, enchiladas, and the like. In addition, Italian immigrants also introduced various types of food such as sun dried tomatoes and pizza bread as well as chili dip and spaghetti sauce. Italian and Mexican spices are often found in many types of American food.

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In the end, the arrival of workers from China played a big role in presenting the taste of Chinese food. American Chop Suey is a type of American culinary that has a distinctive taste of Chinese food. Even now, people in the United States are very fond of Chinese food where Chinese food restaurants can be found easily.

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