Get to know Jambalaya, a Typical American Dish that Suits Indonesian Tongues

Gambar Get to know Jambalaya, a Typical American Dish that Suits Indonesian Tongues

Foreign food is now easy to find in our country. This shows a sense of tolerance for cultural differences in other countries. In Indonesia, typical American food is also easy to find, from fast food restaurants to restaurants that sell all authentic food from Uncle Sam's country.

As a country whose main food source is rice, it's no wonder that one of these food menus is popular with the Indonesian tongue. You may not see it in person, but rest assured that its shape will not be foreign to your eyes.

The shape and appearance of this dish is very similar to fried rice. The name of this dish is Jambalaya, a dish originating from southern Louisiana, United States. Then, what makes Jambalaya popular among Indonesians?


What is Jambalaya?

Jambalaya is processed rice cooked with pieces of meat and shrimp. This dish is often mistaken for fried rice when viewed from its shape alone. However, Jambalaya rice is made by boiling it with a topping of meat and various vegetables.

The taste of Jambalaya itself is influenced by several different countries. Some historians say that the taste of Jambalaya is influenced by flavors from Spain, others say from France, Africa, the Caribbean and Native America.

However, this is not a problem, because now this food has been claimed to originate from the United States and is quite well known in the southeastern region. This food is in great demand by Native Americans.

This American culinary development in our own country is quite easy to find. Several restaurants that carry an American theme usually include this menu on the list. So, to try it you can come to an American restaurant around you.


History of Jambalaya

At the beginning of the popularity of this food during a meeting at the church. From the large gathering of the Church that made this food very popular in the United States to all corners of the world.

Jambalaya's easy cooking process is considered very suitable for big events. Cooking jambalaya only needs a stove and a large pot, just mix all the ingredients in the pot and wait for it to cook.

Although it is now known worldwide to have Louisiana origins, the origin of the name Jambalaya is unknown, most likely the result of the mixed ethnicity of the port city of New Orleans centuries ago.

One of the explorers who came from Spain at that time brought a food, paella. The food is claimed to be similar to Jambalaya. According to history, saffron (the basic ingredient for paella) might be hard to find in America at that time, so other ingredients were substituted.

Well, the material that was obtained at that time and was able to replace the function of saffron was tomato. That may have created what we now know as Creole Jambalaya or Jambalaya rice.

The combination of spices from various countries in one dish creates a delicious taste. This delicious dish is certainly very suitable for various groups to enjoy, and is predicted to become a favorite meal for generations to come.

That prediction seems correct. Today, jambalaya remains a staple food in the Louisiana area and even has its own festival. This food is delicious and easy to cook so that it is easily accepted by various countries.


How to Make the Right Jambalaya?

The correct and delicious way to cook jambalaya according to the taste of the country of origin is as follows. You can find ingredients easily and the cooking method is not that difficult.


● Rice that has been given

● Peppers

● Cumin

● Oregano

● Thyme

● Dried bay leaves

● Chicken or beef

● Tomato sauce

● Tomatoes

● Broth water

● Pepper and salt

● Cooking oil

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How to Cook Jambalaya Properly

Heat the pan over medium heat, then add the chicken or beef until golden brown and cooked evenly. Then add spices like bay leaf, thyme, cumin, oregano and paprika.

After smelling the aroma from the spices earlier, add the discarded rice that has been washed clean. Then add the chicken stock and stir until well mixed with the spices. Wait for a few minutes until the rice is half cooked.

After it feels half cooked, put the tomatoes that have been cut into small pieces into the pan, and stir again until all the ingredients are mixed. Then, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste. Also add broth and other flavorings if you like a savorier taste.

Next, pour in more broth and cover until the rice is completely cooked. After a few minutes, check again and correct the taste. Before serving on a plate, stir the Jambalaya to make it fluffier and soft, then enjoy it while it is warm.

A simple tip, when cooking Jambalaya rice, pay attention to the ingredients used because they have different boiling times. This is for sure

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