American Culinary Recipe for Kung Pao Chicken Pasta

Gambar American Culinary Recipe for Kung Pao Chicken Pasta

We know various types of fast food which is American cuisine. Burgers, fries and fried chicken are the main menu items. However, these typical American restaurants serve food that is local food in various countries. We know that fast food restaurants in America certainly don't offer frugal rice and fried chicken packages.

Adjustment of local flavors is a mainstay of American culinary restaurants to attract customers. In Indonesia, the presence of fast food restaurants is always welcomed enthusiastically. These restaurants are always attractive because they serve delicious and 'prestigious' food. Not surprisingly, food prices are also quite high.

One of the favorite foods of young people in Indonesia who are present at popular fried chicken restaurants is Chicken Pasta Kung Pao. The sweet and spicy taste of chicken placed on spaghetti noodles is very popular. Its presence gets slick reviews from loyal customers of this well-known restaurant.

If you are a fan of Kung Pao Chicken Pasta, then you can actually make your own. What's more, you will save more because the portion served at the restaurant is of course only for one person. Why not try your hand at making this easy and delicious recipe?


Prepare the following ingredients:

• 2 pieces of chicken breast, trimmed and bones removed

• 400 grams of spaghetti noodles

• 2 tablespoons of soy sauce

• 2 tablespoons of palm oil

• 2 tablespoons of cornstarch or flour, dissolve with 2 tablespoons of water

• 2 tbsp chili paste

• 1 tsp vinegar

• 2 tbsp refined sugar

• 4 onions, chopped

• 1 tbsp garlic, chopped

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How to make

• Prepare a pot to boil water with salt. Put the spaghetti noodles into the pot and cook until cooked. After that, drain and set aside.

• Then prepare the marinade ingredients, namely soy sauce, olive oil or palm oil and a mixture of cornstarch or flour in a bowl. Put the chicken into the bowl and mix well. Place the bowl in the fridge for an hour, or let it rest 40 minutes and cover with plastic if not in the fridge.

• Then prepare the ingredients for the sauce, namely soy sauce, olive or palm oil, cornstarch or a mixture of flour, chili paste, vinegar and powdered sugar in a bowl. Then, mix all kinds of onions in a bowl and mix well. Sauté the spices in a sauce pan and heat until fragrant.

• While the sauce is boiling, remove the chicken from the marinade and sauté it in the pan until the meat is sufficiently cooked. Then, mix the sauce with the chicken and simmer until the sauce thickens.

• Place the chicken with the sauce over the pasta. Stir until smooth and serve.

Coming up with delicious American culinary recipes is surprisingly easy and cheap, right?

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